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2016, Improvvisatore Involontario 047

Triplain? Triple Plain or Triple Playing, or Trip Lane or Triplane or whatever your imagination could suggest, just close your eyes and listen for the next 33 minutes! Instrumental music is about telling stories without words..





2015, Improvvisatore Involontario 046


The RingLike project summed up in one word the primary inspiration of these compositions and Paolo Sorge's idea of music: experimenting with different forms of "cyclical" music, with variable balances between composition and improvisation. Rhythmic cycles, ostinatos, loops composed or improvised, repetition: these are some elements that allow musicians to play with the listener's short-term memory and to involve him in the game.

tetraktys copertina.jpg


2010, Improvvisatore Involontario 045


Despite its immense popularity, guitar is an instrument that has shown limitations in some repertoires: for example, there’s no one comparable to Debussy or Stravinsky among composers for classical guitar, and nobody among the greats has written something really fundamental, with the notable exception of Heitor Villalobos or Leo Brouwer.


slowfoof copertina.jpg


2007, Improvvisatore Involontario 005


Paolo Sorge & The Jazz Waiters

The name of the group and the title of the project, metaphorically allusive to good food, want to be an invitation to the careful and meditative tasting of the musical menu proposed, which by its nature requires a certain type of attention to detail.


trinkle trio copertina.jpeg


2003, Auand 9003


Entirely based on Thelonious Monk's compositions, this trio’s music represents a typical example of "instant-re-composition".

Improvisation and playfulness of the musicians involved are as fundamental as their deep knowledge of the re-constructed original themes and of Monk's universe.


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