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2016, Improvvisatore Involontario 047


Triplain? Triple Plain or Triple Playing, or Trip Lane or Triplane or whatever your imagination could suggest, just close your eyes and listen for the next 33 minutes! Instrumental music is about telling stories without words..

Paolo Sorge - guitar, compositions
Francesco Cusa - drums
Gabriele Evangelista - double bass

All compositions by Paolo Sorge are published by Doppia i
© 2016 Improvvisatore Involontario 047



2015, Improvvisatore Involontario 046


The RingLike project summed up in one word the primary inspiration of these compositions and Paolo Sorge's idea of music: experimenting with different forms of "cyclical" music, with variable balances between composition and improvisation. Rhythmic cycles, ostinatos, loops composed or/and improvised, repetition: these are some elements that allow musicians to play with the listener's short-term memory and to involve him in the game.

RingLike: cycle games for seven instruments (and so many ears!)


Paolo Sorge: el. guitar and compositions;

Carlo Cattano: flute, alto flute, piccolo flute, soprano sax;

Marco Caruso: alto sax;

Gaetano Cristofaro: bass clarinet;

Sebastiano Bell'Arte: french horn;

Alberto Fidone: double bass;

Peppe Tringali: drums.



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"Extra Music Magazine" by Stefano Dentice

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On radio

13 May 2015. Etnica Radio "Sotto le stelle del Jazz". Speaker Alessio Cecchini

21 May 2015. AnimaJazz n° 658. Speaker Bruno Pollacci

10 June 2015. Radio Popolare Roma. Speaker Gianluca Diana



Paolo Sorge electric guitar quartet

Improvvisatore Involontario, 2010

Slow Food

Improvvisatore Involontario, 2007

Paolo Sorge, el. guitar/compositions - Marko Bonarius, double bass

Tony Cattano, trombone - Francesco Cusa, drums

Paolo Sorge, Enrico Cassia, Fabrizio Licciardello, Giancarlo Mazzù

Paolo Sorge

Trinkle Trio

© 2003, AUAND

Paolo Sorge - el. guitar

Francesco Cusa - drums

Michel Godard - tuba