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Coming Soon!!! RingLike

RingLike (cycle games for seven instruments) Paolo Sorge: el. guitar and compositions; Carlo Cattano: flute, alto flute, piccolo flute, soprano sax; Marco Caruso: alto sax; Gaetano Cristofaro: bass clarinet; Sebastiano Bell'Arte: french horn; Alberto Fidone: doublebass; Peppe Tringali: drums. Label: Improvvisatore Involontario

The RingLike project summed up in one word the primary inspiration of these compositions and Paolo Sorge's idea of music: experimenting with different forms of "cyclical" music, with variable balances between composition and improvisation. Rhythmic cycles, ostinatos, loops composed or/and improvised, repetition: these are some elements that allow musicians to play with the listener's short-term memory and to involve him in the game.

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