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Hands On

Brand new project involving Emma Scialfa (direction, dance), Paolo Sorge (el. guitar), Fabrizio puglisi (piano) and Marius Moguiba (dance).


A single act for two musicians and two dancers, in which
the primary focus is on the sound gesture and the sound of the gesture, starting from the hands.


Triplain? Triple Plain or Triple Playing, or Trip Lane or Triplane or whatever your imagination could suggest, just close your eyes and listen for the next 33 minutes!

Instrumental music is about telling stories without words..

Blueprint Trio


In Jazz tradition the guitar-double bass-drums trio represents the perfect balance of frequencies and timbres, an intimate and communicative medium at the same time.

For me, attending this musical habitat is often an opportunity to try the music of the great jazz composers: Mingus, Monk, Elligton, strayhorn.

Paolo Sorge ringlike


(cycle games for seven instruments)

The name of this project firstly refers to a principle that constitutes its primary inspiration: the exploration of various forms of musical "cyclicity" during composition, performance and improvisation.


I’m trying to focus on the pulse and the rhythmic counterpoint. I have always been convinced that even the most abstract musical expression can be communicative and engaging if the listener has the possibility to recognize the cyclicality of a rhythm, to perceive the rhythmic nature of a musical gesture or the cyclical return of a thematic element already heard just before, or perhaps to indulge in the trance induced by the reiteration of a sound element.

Puglisi - Sorge Duo

Oggi - forse ancor di più che nei favolosi e temerari anni Sessanta - l'attuale panorama del jazz contemporaneo pare si trovi in bilico tra la continua e necessaria “fase di ricerca” di nuove e più moderne tendenze di linguaggio ed il recupero di una certa "classicità", riproposta possibilmente, nei svariati aspetti legati alla tradizione ed alla complessa rilettura del passato.

Altre combinazioni, altre differenti prospettive di libertà idiomatiche, lasciano invece campo alla casualità degli eventi, i cui esiti, spesso, si rivelano più creativi e non di meno divertenti e fertili.

Paolo Sorge
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