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TRIPLAIN is a neologism of my invention, deliberately ambiguous in meaning if pronounced with English phonetics. It can refer to the idea of three geometric planes, triple lane, three-way, triple or whatever the imagination might suggest.​Just as the sound of an imaginary word can be evocative without having a unique meaning, I believe that music (especially if it has no lyrics) can have the beneficial effect of leading the listener to unknown territories, unknown and unpredictable even for us who create it.After all, instrumental music has ever owned the magical power to tell stories without words, evoking different meanings and imaginary landscapes. For musicians it may be very clear the initial inspiration, but we can never predict with certainty the innumerable meanings that listeners can attribute to our music with their own imagination, surrendering to the pleasure and curiosity of listening.

Paolo Sorge


Paolo Sorge: el. guitar

Francesco Cusa: drums

Gabriele Evangelista: bass

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